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Introduction - Our Patented LED Heat Packaging Technology Chills the Heat

Heat can damage sensitive electronic components, degrading reliability and hampering the ability to concentrate higher power levels into smaller packages. Many applications would
benefit from the ability to closely package Light Emitting Diodes (LED) into compact
configurations, but the heat levels generated have always been a limiting factor. At Lightstream Photonics, we’ve invented a way around that.

Compact LED Packaging Outperforms Conventional Heat-Sink Technology

Our unique, patented LED Packaging Technology channels heat away via state-of-the-art Micro Heat Pipes (MHP's) that perform far more efficiently, and in a much more compact space, than conventional heat-sink technology.
Picture of High Brightness and Ultra Low Thermal Resistance LED Packaging
    High Brightness and Ultra Low Thermal Resistance LED Packaging

This packaging allows solid-state lighting products to be more closely spaced, and operate at higher power and brightness levels than ever before.

Efficient Delivery of Power in the UV,
Visible and IR Regions

The small, cross sectional area takes
much better advantage of compact and
efficient lenses and reflectors to
deliver power in the UV, visible, and
IR regions in concentrated doses crucial to a wide variety of practical applications, including (but not limited to):

  • hand-held and array light curing
  • plant grow lights
  • wound healing
  • wrinkle and hair removal
  • carpal tunnel and arthritis
  • pain management
  • dental applications (teeth whitening)
  • entertainment lighting
  • full-motion video
  • photodynamic therapy (PDT)
  • UV photo-catalytic applications
  • flashlights
  • general solid-state lighting
  • specialty solid-state lighting
  • short range communications
  • biodetection
  • architectural lighting

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